About us

How It Started

One afternoon I went into my closet to collect something comfy. I pulled out a couple sweatshirts, as I looked at them and decided which one I wanted. I had a rating in my head for each -comfortability vs style- I had decided that none of them checked all my boxes, thus Jak & Co. was created. We strive to carefully curate new designs every day. Our goal is comfort and style for the people.

Simple Process

All of our designs are done in house then they are sent to print-on-demand companies. As soon as you place your order it goes through our system then is immediatly sent to the printing companies. They will start printing your order then it is shipped directly from them to you for the fastest shipping times possible.

Here at Jak & Co. we are constantly in creative mode, we strive to achieve new goals every day. Each of our pieces are designed in house by J. King with an exceptional level of detail. Here at Jak & Co. we support the Jak of all trades. Our goal is to produce clothing for everyone looking to stand out. Our designs are simple and not simple. We have designs for many different trades and labors, as well as Jak creative designs.